Trump: Rules and Strategy


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Today we bring you the rules in this article and of course the strategies for playing the trump, much used in some online casino.

As in other card games in the Rummy can be played either alone or in pairs, talking about strategies, there are not specific, the only advice we can give you is to have a good memory. Why do we speak of memory in this game? Simple, remember the cards is equivalent to already be halfway towards victory.

The rules are very simple, the trump is a game played mostly in bars most Italians, the cards have the following value Ace – Three – King – Horse – Jack – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 2. If choices are French cards, the king’s horse and replace the Jack King, a woman and her fanteIl winner is the one who will play his first paper regardless of the value unless it is a trump.

The winner will always be the one who has the card with the highest value on the table even if there are 2 or two trump cards of the same suit. The dealer once the game is over will mix the cards and distribute to the players again. We report the following values ​​of the cards:

  • an ace is worth eleven points
  • a three worth ten points
  • a king is worth four points
  • a horse worth three points
  • a knave is worth two points.

Each seed can have a maximum of 30 points, 3 players if they play, the value increases up to 39 points. If there are much player the players must be create a team can’t play without it because the value of card can be increase over 39. This is the rules and remember, the memory is important, so own tips is to play at game that can be train your mind, after play at briscola.

There are a lot of games that can be do this.