Rank of Poker Hands


Win the game of Poker is determined by the value of the cards of the players. If you are playing against other players, sit around a real table, or a virtual table on the Internet, where the value of your cards will be compared with the value of the other players. The player with the highest hand wins. If you are playing video poker, the value of your cards will be compared with the values ​​of winning predetermined by the system.

That’s why it’s vital to understand the ranking of the different values ​​of the cards in poker, or the ranking of the hand, which is called in the jargon Hand Ranking. Knowing that can help you determine how likely you are to win the hand. Below is a list of the rankings of poker hands, starting with the strongest hand and ending with the weakest.

Royal Flush or Royal Flush (when you have Ace, King, Jack, Queen and 10 of the same suit).

Straight Flush or Straight Flush (when you have all the cards in sequence and of the same suit as 2 c, 3 c, 4 c, 5 c, 6 c).

Poker or Four of a Kind (when you have four cards of the same value such as 10 c, 10 q, 10 f, 10 p, 2 c).

Full House (when it has a combination of a pair and a tris eg 10 c, 10 p, 3 c, 3 q, 3 f).

Color or Flush (when all the cards are the same suit as 3 c, 5 c, 9 c, J c, A c).

Scale or Straight (when all the cards are in sequence for example, 2 c, 3 c, 4 f, 5 q, p 6).

Tris or Three of a Kind (three cards are of the same value such as 10 c, 10 q, 10 p, J q, p 5).

Two Pair or Two Pair (two pairs of cards that share the same value such as 10 c, 10 q, 2 c, 2 q, q Q).

Couple or Pair (two cards are of the same value such as 10 c, 10 q, p 5, 3 c,above,.

In the list above the symbols shown below are:

  • C = Hearts
  • Q = Paintings
  • F = Flowers
  • P = Spades


Knowing the ranking of the hands is essential in a poker game because it allows the player to develop their own chances of winning at various stages of the hand. It also allows the player to take into account when it comes to gambling and if it’s worth trying another card to help you get a hand together. For example, if a player has a set but suspected an opposing player has a base color on the cards present or the way in which the player is betting then it might be worth it for that player instead of betting groped to get another paper to make a poker. This is an extreme circumstance, of course, but it is an example of how the value of the hands can affect how a player plays your game of poker.

It’s a great way to become familiar with the poker. Once you learn the value of the hands, the rest of the poker run more easily. This ease of learning the game is an important factor that contributes to its contemporary popularity.